Transferring a License in PA

Transferring a License in PA

When you're diving into the world of licenses issued by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, transferring a license from one owner to another can feel like navigating through a complex maze. It's a critical step that can get tricky, and today, we're here to simplify it for you.

Who's involved in your deal?

Let's talk about the people involved. This starts with all of the members, officers, shareholders, and individuals affiliated to the entity purchasing the license - AND your manager of record. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board needs to do background checks, review each individuals licensing history so there are no conflicts, and if you are the manager, making sure you can devote full time to the business.

What about the place?

Your business location as the stage for your operations. It needs to fit your script perfectly and the PLCB wants you to be a bona fide restaurant, and at Specialty Group, we call it the “30-bus rule” . Which means, if a bus pulled up at your business with 30 people, can you seat them, have place settings available, feed them, have a health permit and meet the serving area requirement? Now each license has different requirements that vary widely from a beer distributor to a restaurant. And remember, in PA, we license by room not by property!

Let's talk money.

When it comes to transferring licenses, every cent needs a backstory. Is the money yours, borrowed, or gifted? Who are your investors? The PLCB wants to know it all to ensure there's nothing shady going on and verify the money at its source. We will guide you through the proper documentation needed to make the approval process as simple as possible, ensuring that all financial aspects are communicated properly to the PLCB.

Remember, we license by rooms in Pennsylvania, not by property!

Taking a license to a new muncipality.

Sometimes (for certain licenses) a license needs to change municipalities, and when that happens, the receiving municipality needs to give its nod of approval before applying to the PLCB. It's like getting a new neighbor’s approval before you move in. This part of the process makes sure the community feels good about your business setting up shop there.

The infamous orange poster.

Ever seen an orange poster in posted on a building? We like to look at it as a business announcing a new restaurant, bar, distributor, etc.! It's true purpose is a signal to the community that changes are coming, and it gives qualified individuals/businesses a chance to protest the application with reasonable cause.

Making it simple.

At Specialty Group, we're all about turning this maze into a straightforward path. We've streamlined the transfer process so that, and charge a flat rate fee. On average, we can get through all these steps in about 6 to 10 weeks. 

If you're ready to purchase a license and/or need a hand with a license transfer, give us a call at 412-369-1555, extension 2,

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