it’s time to plan an exit strategy
We have been confidentially selling restaurants, bars, and other hospitality-centric businesses since 1986. We stand out because not only do we have a unique specialization in bar/restaurant business brokering but also background in commercial real estate. Our team is made up of professional restaurant specialists with real estate licenses.
Have peace-at-mind knowing that Specialty Group has no ownership in any bar, restaurant, beer distributor, or any other brick-and-mortar business. You don’t want your agent to be your competitor!

Specialty Group understands the importance of confidentiality and working with discretion. We have an immediate pool of potentially interested parties in our database. These parties have criteria/preferences to match up the characteristics of your establishment. We will utilize our experience and relationships to let you focus on running your business, while we work in the background to sell it. Contact our office to schedule your free confidential consultation today.

We want you to be comfortable with our selling process. If you have any questions, know your call is confidential! We can be reached at (412) 369-1555.


If you decide to move forward, our package includes some of the following:
  • Interactive listing experience
  • Virtual reality walkthrough
  • Listing presentations
  • Pricing guidance
  • Expert deal structuring
  • Selling confidentially
  • Licensed real estate brokerage
  • Licensed real estate brokerage
  • Comprehensive reports
  • In-house financing available
  • Document coordination
  • PLCB-related screening of buyers
  • Confidential regional & national advertising
  • Much, much more..