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We have been selling restaurants, bars, and other hospitality businesses since 1986, and stand out because of our unique specialization in bar/restaurant business brokering and background in commercial real estate. 

Why Specialty Group?

We have 36 years exclusively selling bars & Restaurants
Unless requested, all listings are sold confidentially. All buyers must sign a non-disclosure.
We are Licensed
We are a fully licensed real estate brokerage.
Next-Gen Listings
Each listing has a secured customized portal for authorized viewers and virtual tours.
Asado Food Truck/Gaucho Parrilla Argentina

"What an incredible team! I can't say enough about Specialty Group. What I perceived to be a potentially overwhelming experience was graciously executed with professionalism and expediency. My most prominent concern was the relationship with the buyer. As intermediary, Specialty Group not only identified the buyer, but cultivated the relationship into a friendship between us. I'm happy to say that the process was swift and precise. I look forward to more opportunities together in the future."

Anthony Falcon
Asado Food Truck/Gaucho Parrilla Argentina

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