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The PLCB Auctions Shouldn’t Be Confusing. 

Specialty Group is here to help free-of-charge! We understand that ACT 39 has created many opportunities and changes to the liquor code over the past few weeks. The auctioning of expired licenses now officially has its first set of guidelines and the first auction has been scheduled to take place in the near future.

We want to arm you with the necessary information to go into these auctions with a bid that won’t be above current market rates. Not only will we help advise you of the market value, but we will assist you in preparing your bid to make sure it gets to the right place at the right time. Below, we have put together a quick Q&A to answer some common questions about the auctions.

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The process for the auction has not been solidified and each future auction may be conducted in a different manner. The third auction date has yet to be announced. They will announce the winner within two business days to the DGS website.

The PLCB will announce the dates of the auctions several weeks prior to the auction date. Auction dates are determined by the PLCB.

To bid on a license you will need to submit a completed bid package along with a $5,000.00 bid guarantee.

We have a liquor license brokerage division that is able to obtain a license for you at market value. Check out our inventory of licenses!

Easy! Our liquor license division will advise you on the market value of the license you are bidding on and then, on your behalf, complete the bid package and mail it with your check to the necessary place prior to deadline. Our office will interview you to make sure you have everything in line to move forward with a transfer should your bid be accepted. We have been working with the PLCB for over 30 years and are aware of the qualifications to be a licensee.

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