Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

Let’s be honest — sometimes the world of hospitality can be less than hospitable. People make deals behind the scenes, double cross partners, and are not always above board. In an ideal world, a business partner would actually care about you and your business…but we all know the world is not always ideal.

Imagine a partnership where you can ask a direct question and get a direct answer. No beating around the bush, no stalling. Just the information you need to make an informed decision.

Specialty Group is that partner. We deliver what we promise and we’re interested in more than just your money. We’re not just trying to make a sale, we’re trying to find a match. Because in hospitality, a business is more than a building; it is more than your livelihood; it’s your life, and we take our responsibility to be a part of your life seriously.

After all, your business means a lot to you. so it should mean a lot to us.

Specialty Group is your honest hospitality service provider. When it comes to the restaurant and bar industry, we will give you the information you need, not the information you want to hear. We can take you through the entire life of your business, from purchase, lending, liquor license work, success and sale because we care about making the right match. We’ve been doing it since 1986 and our reputation speaks for itself!

Working with Speciality Group has allowed us to find the perfect location to open our next business. They worked diligently to work through all aspects of the process to get the transaction finalized.

Brandon Kretzler, Owner of Pine Creek Public House
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