The Transfer Timeline

Step 1

Find a transferrable license through Specialty Group’s license brokerage

Step 2

Secure a license by signing an Agreement of Sale with a Seller and put your hand money in escrow. 

Step 3

Put the orange placard on your business and start the license transfer.

Step 4

Once we receive an approval, we will reach out to coordinate the closing details with you and the Seller.

Step 5

Hold the closing and leave with your license, and either start to operate your business or continue construction.

If you have questions we have not covered

Contact us and we can help

We Charge an All-Inclusive Flat-Rate Fee

Quick approvals

We typically see approvals for our transfers from 6-10 weeks.

Fees Included

PLCB application fees and closing costs included in our transfer fee.

Join the Family

Once we are hired, we are on your team for guidance at no additional cost.