It Is Time to Sell Alcohol

We've Been Selling Licenses Since 1986

When buying a liquor license in Pennsylvania, Specialty Liquor License Brokers (a division of Specialty Group) is the place to go!
We are the largest liquor license broker in Western Pennsylvania and our team has handled hundreds of license transfers. When a customer comes in to buy a license we are able to advise them on the market values of licenses, give them the assistance they need and we will even finance up to 50% of the purchase price of the license.
If after your meeting with us you feel the timing isn’t right, we are happy to keep the door open so that you can call us once you’re ready to take the next steps in acquiring a license.

Got Questions?

Perfect, We’ve got answers!

Where do you sell licenses?
We sell licenses exclusively in Pennsylvania and work state-wide. 
Are the licenses your are selling ready for transfer?
Yes! We do our best to perform comprehensive due diligence prior to listing a license. If you are to buy a license, our Sellers are also aware to maintain their license(s) in a ready for transfer state.  
Do you transfer licenses?
We do! We have 35+ years experience transferring licenses. We understand the in’s and out’s of the transfer process and are able to typically receive approvals within 8 weeks. Best part is we charge a flat-rate fee, so there are no surprise bills!
Am I able to finance my license purchase?
The simple answer is YES! We have an in-house lending division that is able to finance up to half of the purchase price of your license (up to $75K).