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Beer Distributors can now sell 12-packs!

On March 6, 2015 the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board published an Advisory Opinion allowing distributors and importing distributors to sell 12-packs to consumers.

Licensed distributors may sell and deliver malt or brewed beverages in two forms: by the "Case" or by "Original Container". These "Original Containers" must be at least 128 fluid ounces or more. An original container may consist of small containers as long as they are securely capped, sealed or corked by the manufacturer and exceed 128 fluid ounces.

These original containers can not be broken down into smaller containers. Please take note when placing your orders not to violate this rule.

For more information please read the most recent PLCB Legal Advisory or check out the Trib Live article featuring Ned Sokoloff on the topic!

Retail Licensee's can now deliver beer!

On December 5, 2014 the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board published an Advisory Opinion stating that all qualified retail licensee's now have the opportunity to apply for a license to deliver malt or brewed beverages. What does that mean for you qualified retail license holders? Time to apply for a "Transporter-for-Hire: Class B License"
We can process the necessary application and educate you with the "how's" and "why's" with this new license for one low flat fee.

For more information please read the most recent PLCB Legal Advisory in regards to rules and regulations.

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