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Liquor Licenses

Specialty Liquor License Brokers (a division of Specialty Group) is the largest liquor license broker in western Pennsylvania. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a liquor license or are in need of liquor license transfer services, we are able to help you! We work statewide and have transferred thousands of licenses over our 25 years in the industry. No one can successfully transfer a license quicker than us!



Specialty Bar & Restaurant Brokers and Specialty Real Estate, Ltd. (divisions of Specialty Group) have exclusively sold bars, restaurants, beer distributors and real estate for over 20 years. That's right... Exclusively! If you have a heart problem, you go to a cardiologist; if you want to buy or sell a bar/restaurant or beer distributor, you go to Specialty Group!




Specialty Lenders, Ltd. (a division of Specialty Group) offers loans to liquor licensed establishments. Most banks view bars and restaurants as high-risk ventures and therefore are reluctant to lend to our industry; however, Specialty Lenders looks for a reason to say "YES" to your financial requests!


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